Thanks so much for considering volunteering at BBB

We would find it very hard to run our festivals without our team of volunteers.  They help in every way imaginable to ensure that everything runs smoothly, be that the workshops, the socials, our website…we are always lucky to have a talented bunch waiting in the wings to help us out.

Ninety-nine percent of festival volunteering is answering questions, giving advice and keeping an eye on your area.  You could be asked to take on a variety of roles, from checking people in at the registration desk, to helping with sound, being a runner for the teaching team and the workshops or setting up the late night venue.  You are the eyes and ears of the festival – being alert, friendly and attentive, and able to report on any issues that might arise.

The shifts
We ask each volunteer for a commitment of 5 hrs over the weekend. In return you will get a free social pass for festival. Some roles will be busier than others. But as a general rule, we promise not to work you too hard.

You will be allocated a contact person on your shifts. If you have any problems or issues, they are the first person you should go to.

Who should apply?
We welcome applicants from all age ranges and backgrounds. No prior experience is needed. Although please let us know if you feel that you have a skill that might be particularly useful.

We prefer our volunteers to be friendly and approachable people! Able to maintain good humour and positivity is a bonus, especially when tired. You should be the type of person that feels comfortable speaking to the festival goers and you need to be flexible about tasks requested of you. Punctuality, honesty and reliability are essential.

The only 3 rules!

  1. We ask all our volunteers to please be prepared to make a solid commitment to volunteering. This means that your volunteer hours must take priority over all other activities. If you are doing workshops we will do our best not to schedule you at those times however we cannot guarantee this.
  2. Please do not purchase a ticket that includes any of the socials. If you do we cannot refund you for this part of your pass.