We will provide you with all the info you need to know to get to and from our venues including bus routes and underground lines. We will even include the engineering works for the weekend. This will be available closer to the event.

If you’re new to London here are some of our top travel tips:

1. Get an Oyster Card!


An Oyster Card is a cheap and easy way to travel around London. Buy one for about £5 and then top it up with £10-£20 at a tube or train station for cheap and easy travel on trains, buses, underground, DLR and TFL ferries!contactless

Alternatively if your credit or debit card has a contactless symbol you can use it in the same way as an Oyster Card.


2. Uber

Uber is a cheap and safe way to take taxis in London – everything is done on your phone, download the app and you don’t need to worry about cash, it takes the payment direct from your bank account at the end of the journey. There is a lot of debate about Uber and their drivers but we hear a lot of good things and it is an affordable way to travel door to door

3. Taxis – Black Cabs or pre-booked taxi companies


If you’re taking a taxi we recommend either taking a black cab as they are safe and certified.




Alternatively you can pre-book a taxi, some taxi companies commonly used include:

Addison Lee: 020 7387 8888

Beware of getting into unlicensed taxi cabs – look for the symbol of your booked cab to be sure!

4. The TFL website

Screen shot 2015-11-06 at 16.39.28

The Transport For London website can give you a wealth of information about planning your journey including road closures, bus diversions, closed tube lines and more. It is more reliable than Google Maps in that respect, so make sure you check it if you’re planning on using public transport!

5. National Rail or the Trainline website

If you’re travelling to and from an airport you can check your train times and get help planning your journey on the National Rail website or the Trainline website – they both also have apps so you can see information more instantly on your phone.

 Underground and Buses

Depending on which venue you are going to there are various Underground stations and bus routes you can use – please see the venues page for more information.