Every year at BBB we’re really excited to have people from all over the world coming to dance with us.

Staying with local dancers is a fantastic way for both the host and hostee to make new friends, get to know dancers from other communities and share the Blues love with our visitors.

London can be expensive and this can be a great way to keep costs down for the out of towers. If you have a spare bed, sofa, or even comfortable patch of floor you can offer for the weekend please register as a host.

What do I need to be a host?

BBB does not have a set of ‘must have’ rules for our hosts. We just ask that you make a visitor as comfortable as possible. Please provide them with:

  • A place for someone to sleep and access to the shower.
  • We suggest that you provide your guest with a spare set of keys so that you don’t have to wait around for each other if you want to leave the parties or workshops at different times.
  • Let your guest know what they will need to bring with them. For example bedding etc.
  • Make arrangements to meet you guest so they know how to get to you house the first night.
  • While we do NOT expect you to feed your guest we do suggest that coffee/tea first thing in the morning would be a good idea
  • Please make sure your sense of humour is in working order.

What do I need to be a hostee?

You will need to be registered for a full weekend or workshops only pass and everything else we ask of our hostee’s is all pretty much common sense. Please make sure you:

  • Be gracious and polite to your host, remember they are kindly letting someone they may have never met stay in their home
  • We suggest that you let you host know before you arrive when you will be arriving and make arrangements to meet up with them
  • Make sure you  have looked up their address and know how to get to their house
  • Be prepared to bring EVERYTHING you may need including bedding, towels, blow up mattress etc.
  • Bring your own breakfast food, your host cannot be expected to feed you.
  • It is also nice to have a little present for your host to say thanks for having you