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BBB Tickets are now on sale



This year at BBB if you are doing workshops you can choose an Open Track Pass, an Audition Track Pass or a Solo Pass. Please read the track descriptions carefully so you understand which is the best pass for you.


Remember – this year EVERYONE gets wait-listed, leads and follows. We can’t get you off the wait list if your are not on it!


What does my ticket include?

Early Bird

  • £145 – Full Pass Single:  All workshops and all parties on Friday to Sunday.
  • £270 – Full pass double (Lead & Follow): All workshops and all parties on Friday to Sunday.

Full Price

  • £160 – Full pass single: All workshops and all parties on Friday to Sunday.
  • £300 – Full pass double (Lead & Follow): All workshops and all parties on Friday to Sunday.
  • £110 – Workshop only: The workshops on Saturday and Sunday.
  • £65 – Social only: The parties on Friday to Sunday nights.
  • £25 – One night party pass: Only for the night purchased for.

NB: These ticket prices relate to both the partnered and solo workshops.

Payment Plan Tickets


This year you can choose whichever payment plan suites you best. You can choose to pay in 4, 3 or 2 parts. These payment option will be offered on full weekend and workshop only tickets. The duration of the plan available to you will depend on when you register.

You will pay the first instalment when you register and shortly after you will receive an email allowing you to set up an automatic payment system through PayPal. We set these up to include a ‘trial period’ so the your next payment will come out of your account 1 month after the day you sign up for the payment system. You will have 7 days to get your payment plan in place. Please be aware that if you do not set this up and we have not heard from you your registration may be cancelled and your deposit lost.

Payment Plan Schedule & Costs

Plan chosen Single Ticket Double Ticket Workshop Only Ticket Month Available
4 Parts £40.00 £75 27.50 July
3 Parts £53.35 £100 £36.66 July
2 Parts £80 £150 £55 July

If you choose to cancel your ticket the cancellation policies listed below will apply on the full price of the ticket.

The dreaded wait list

This year there will be a limited number of early bird passes available once these are gone EVERYONE will have to purchase a wait listed ticket – THAT’S RIGHT EVERYONE INCLUDING LEADS!

At the end of each week we will then confirm as many of the wait listed folks as we possibly can to keep an even(ish) balance of leads and follows for the classes.

If in the unlikely event we cannot find you a confirmed place at the festival then we will refund your ticket cost. This will not be done until AFTER the festival when we are sure you could not get a place. If you choose to cancel prior to this time the cancellation policy below will apply.

The very best way someone can get themselves off the wait list is to find another dancer to sign up and purchase themselves a Double (Lead/Follow) pass.

If you have already registered and then find a registration buddy – just email us at and we’ll sort it out for you.

Cancellation policy

  • All registrations that are cancelled up to and including 20 August will receive a 75% refund less any booking fees.
  • Any registration cancelled between 21 August and 1 October will receive a 50% refund less any booking fees. We suggest that the best thing you can do is try and sell your ticket – a great place to do this is on Facebook.
  • Any registration cancelled on or after 2 October will not receive a refund. We suggest that the best thing you can do is try and sell your ticket – a great place to do this is on Facebook.

Volunteer cancellation policy

Anyone who wishes to volunteer should not purchase any kind of pass that includes the social events. Any volunteer who purchases a pass that includes social events will not be able to receive a refund for the social portion of their ticket.

Pass swapping and transfers

It is possible to sell your pass if for some reason you cannot make it to the festival. We suggest the best way to do this is via Facebook. Feel free to post it on any of the BBB groups, events or walls.

You can request a name change for a pass or a change of track, from the day the ticket sales open until 20 October. After 20 Oct we won’t be taking any track changes however you can still sell your ticket to someone else as as they can just use your name at check in. We don’t check ID 😉

Sharing or splitting a pass

It is not possible to share or split a pass with another dancer. It is not possible for one person to do some events and workshops while another person does the remaining events or workshops. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • It is not possible for us to keep track of this.
  • Single day or individual events are a different price.
  • It is important for us to keep the workshop ratios balanced

The point of a full pass is that the dancer who purchases a pass to attend the whole weekend gets a discount for their full commitment to the whole festival.

Terms & Conditions

By registering for BBB you are agreeing to the following two points.

The rule!

All of the BBB venues are fully licensed. Please do NOT bring any alcohol into these venues. There has been trouble with people doing this in the past and it has caused the organisers a whole world of hurt. Bags will be checked for alcohol and any found will be confiscated and drunk by the organisers after the festival. You may also not be permitted entry! Please be aware that this behaviour makes the venues VERY ANGRY and they won’t have us back!

Safe Spaces Directive

We are in the process of pulling together our Safe Spaces Directive for BBB, have a read of it here

Being rude to our staff and volunteers

DON’T DO IT. Our team are working hard to make sure you have a wonderful weekend making some amazing memories and providing a fun and safe place to be. Please don’t be rude to our team either in person or via social media. BBB has a ZERO tolerance policy on this issue. You WILL  be asked to leave and you won’t be permitted back to any workshops or parties and you WON’T be given any refund. It is also possible you won’t be allowed back in future years.