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I was a Lindy Hopper first

It feels like forever ago since I started dancing. I hardly want to admit how long, as it will show my age, but I’m soon to reach my 16th Swingaversery. Yep, 16 years in swing and oh boy did it change my life. But I didn’t start as a Blues Dancer. When I first fell in love with all things Swing…read on



Choosing your level

It’s September and we have had a flush of registrations in the past few weeks! We have also had lots of questions about levels. It can be hard it know where to put yourself, but getting this decision right will make your weekend so much more enjoyable, and you will progress faster if you are in the right track for your experience.  Check out Team BBB’s top tips for choosing your level…read on


unnamed (1)I’m a Lindy Hopper – what can BBB offer me?

Apart from Blues Baby Blues being Swing Patrols second biggest event of the year AND one hell of a party it also has a lot to offer your Lindy Hop dancing. Blues is fantastic for Lindy Hoppers because it teaches you skills that most Lindy hoppers need but don’t get to spend…read on