BBB Extras!

We have put together a few extra fun activities and bonus extras for anyone attending BBB – whether you’re on a social pass or taking workshops.

Friday Meet and Dance Taster Lesson

Friday 24th November, 8pm-9pm, Limehouse Town Hall

Get together with some fellow blues dancers before the party starts, have a drink, dance and get down with some fun taster lesson moves and tips! It’s a great way to catch up with friends or make some new ones and meet everyone attending the festival. The lesson is open to all levels and free for all Friday ticket holders, Full pass, Social pass or Workshop pass holders.

Great Blues Baby Blues Bake Off!

Friday 24th November, 9pm-1am, Limehouse Town Hall

Enter your baked goods for the chance to win a FREE BBB jacket! More info here


Saturday Hang Out

Saturday 25th November, 2pm-5pm, pub

Get together with some friends and fellow BBB dancers for some drinks and board games hosted by some of our BBB team members, Aggie and Caitlin! It’s a nice way to chill out in the afternoon, grab a bite to eat and let your hair down after the first night’s revelry. Plus you have plenty of time to get dinner and go home to get ready for the party at 9pm.

Saturday Dress Up Theme: Be Your Favourite Blues Song

Saturday 25th November, 9pm-4am, Limehouse Town Hall

The theme for this year’s Saturday party is a fun one and room for plenty of interpretation. Feel free to fashion something elaborate and detailed or go simple and low-key – whatever suits your mood (and your wardrobe options!).


Sunday Party Freebies

Sunday 26th November, 9pm-11pm, Monument Pub

The early bird catches the worm! And in this case, you can grab a free drink if you’re one of the first 50 through the door 🙂 There’ll also be some nibbles later on in the night for when your tummies start rumbling! This party will finish at 4am – It’s gonna be amazing!