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Track Information

This year at BBB there will be 3 kinds of passes available – Open Track, Audition Track and Solo Track passes.

Open Track

This track is open to anyone and everyone. It is the track you choose if you are not ready to or don’t want to put yourself through the stress of needing to audition. This track will focus on many different things including technique, aesthetic, vocab, styling points, footwork, conversational social dance skills, and more. This track will help you develop your dancing and get you ready to move onto the next level. Caution: may cause brain to melt – but in a very good way!

Audition Track

There will be two evenly(ish) sized classes and you will be placed in the level the teachers feel best suits you in your current dance journey. As in previous years, you will get a chance to dance with the teachers during this process.

These tracks will focus on all the really juicy stuff we love in classes. They will be designed to take what you already know and expand upon it, sometimes challenging what we think we know and providing us with an opportunity to look at things in a new and different light. These tracks will examine the value of artistic expression within our dancing, they will have a strong focus on musicality and understanding the music, and make sure that we are working from a solid base.

All those who are involved in the auditions will receive more information about this process as we get closer to the festival. Please note that the teachers will place you in any of the classes available that they feel best suit you. This includes the possibility of being placed in the open track.