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The Teaching Team

Mike Legenthal1602203_10102047985856815_749962308_o

Mike is a passionate aficionado of jazz and blues dances, known all over the world for her friendliness, teaching skills, beautiful following, and expressive dancing.  She…read on


Dan and MikeDan Legenthal

Dan Legenthal lives in Boston, MA, working on as many vernacular jazz and blues dances as he can.  His passion extends to both the social floor and competition.  When not competing, he teaches at events…read on


Julie Brown

Julie’s expressive dancing and joyful, playful connection are known throughout the USA.  With a background in performance and solo dance, she is best known for her solo blues, artistic choreography…read on



11071412_683665858445802_4027522860221445215_oAdamo Ciarallo

Adamo is dedicated to nurturing, developing, and promoting the blues scene in London and Europe. Adamo also spreads his love for blues dancing and helps to develop strong blues…read on


Vicci Moore996115_517045738433397_3145946255915357243_n

Vicci is a professional dancer, specialising in blues and swing dance.  There is nothing she loves more in the world than dancing!  She has a broad knowledge of dance and the body…read on


BBB Taster Teachers10860846_931079910292974_3394672210212218967_o

To try something a little new – and to encourage some local teachers from our Blues community, this year we have a set of taster classes happening. This year these are being taught by mostly London locals but also a great couple from Barcelona. Check it out…read on


Featured image: Photo – credit to Devon Rowland