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Nick Shirbini

School teacher by day and blues teacher by night, Nick is an enthusiastic blues dancer hailing from London. He believes that teaching and learning are crucial aspects to building a positive and inclusive dance community and so uses his skills as a classroom practitioner to make sure his dance students are constantly challenged, allowing them to reach their full potential.

He loves finding out exactly how things work (probably why he is a science teacher) which means he is perfectly poised to break down techniques and moves in a simple and logical manner. When he is not geeking out about dancing you will find him travelling around Europe teaching, performing and competing at any event he can get his hands on!

In London Nick and his partner Ilaria Parisi are ambassadors of the blues community; teaching weekly, performing front and centre with The Down and Outs and spreading the blues love as much as possible.

They are so happy and proud to be representing London at their 5th  BBB!