Meet the team

There is a very hard working, dedicated, and loyal team that work tirelessly to make BBB happen.  If you see these kids around over the weekend make sure you give them a big hug – there is a good chance they’ll need it.

Pippa 1614218_10151789869900736_125261088_o

Meet the Event Manager. This is the 9th year Pippa has organised BBB with the last few in partnership with Michaela. She is really excited to be working hand in hand with Michaela who she believe is totally Brilliant! Together they are working hard with the help of the BBB team to bring you what they know will be an amazing year for BBB with some big changes in the wind.


Meet Event Manager. Michaela will work side by side with Pippa to produce and manage this year’s BBB. Pippa & Michalea have been working together on a number of events and are excited about what they can provide for this year’s festival. Hold on to your hats kids, Michaela brings a fun new energy to the BBB management team and this will be a fun ride!