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Ilaria Parisi

Blues music talks to the soul about all aspects of the human journey which Ilaria reflects in her dancing.
She loves the way that blues music and dancing brings people together through the celebration of their
nature. Ilaria is a caring teacher who encourages this expression by not only explaining fundamental
techniques to her students, but also providing the tools to let people connect to different partners and forms
of blues music.

As a dancer, Ilaria is known for her elegant yet dynamic movement which is facilitated by her background in
artistic gymnastics and modern dance. Ilaria leaves everything on the floor and it is this passion which
people find so magnetic and that she loves to spread across the blues community.

Ilaria and her partner Nick Shirbini are a young and enthusiastic blues duo. Often teaching around Europe
and weekly in London are ambassadors of the blues community and love being given the opportunity to
share their special dance. They are so happy and proud to be representing London at their 5 th  BBB!