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Anna PriceAnna

Anna has always loved music of all kinds (it’s genetic – she is Welsh!). One of the things she particularly loves about blues (both the music and the dance) is the breadth and diversity – there are songs to suit every mood and a way to dance that expresses it. She loves everything, but is particularly drawn to slow gooey songs, sweeping flowy songs, elegant jazzy songs and anything with plenty of dramatic hits!


12362819_797824627013774_4127412985799681145_o.jpgLucas Kemperman

Lucas has been blues dancing since late 2012 and DJing for nearly as long. He is a regular DJ at London social events, and his European engagements have taken him all over the continent, from Madrid to Berlin, and from Tel Aviv to Paris via Ljubljana.  He loves to engage and inspire dancers by playing music from all over the blues spectrum as well as delving into other genres including soul, funk, jazz, pop and many different styles of electronic music.  Lucas is very much looking forward to coming back to BBB for the fourth year in a row, and throwing getting your ass moving again this year!


Laura Knight.jpg

Laura Knight

Laura – a self confessed music geek – grew up in a dusty record store listening to a huge range of music. As a teenager she spent her weekends at record fairs thumbing through vintage vinyl and haggling for bargains. Laura has DJed at dance events all over the world. She loves nothing more than sharing great music that inspires people to dance.



Fluff Saunders

Is there a festival left in Europe Fluff hasn’t played at? If so, he will probably be there soon. With a passion for blues stretching back 20 years, his experience dancing, playing, DJing, and organizing blues events is hard to beat. He’s always hunting for new and interesting tunes, digging out tracks to thrill the dance floor or hunting down artists who nail that Bluesy vibe.


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Adamo Ciarallo

Adamo’s addiction to blues music started at a London late night party several years ago. Now he walks, talks, breathes, teaches and DJs the stuff locally and abroad. He is constantly on the search for new songs to play for the next party and simply loves being behind the desk watching the dance floor as he takes it on a journey. He promises he will make you feel the blues in your shoes.



Vicci Moore

Vicci has a strong affiliation to classic female blues, good introductions, unusual breaks, toe tapping rhythms, dirty horns, and good time party blues! She aims to take the dance floor on a journey through different styles, different sounds, and different moods. Step onto the dance floor with her and let the good times roll!!!


Paul LoschackPaul DJ

Paul Loschak (known as “DJ Loveschak” at weekly Boston dances) has been dancing and DJing the blues for years. Paul regularly DJs at Boston blues dance venues and has also DJ’d at events, exchanges, and local weekly dances across North America and Europe (including Blues Muse, Sweet Molasses, and BluesSHOUT!). His collection of tunes is both broad and deep, spanning many genres and many blues dances. His library is jam packed with musically inspiring tunes for sparking dancers’ creativity and encouraging leads and follows to collaborate in each dance. Paul is excited to join the BBB musical team this year.



Julie Brown

From acoustic to electric, horns to harmonica, New York to West Coast, Julie digs all the blueses. She has DJed around the country at bluesSHOUT, Blues Muse, Mile High Blues, Bambloozled, and more. She also DJs regularly in Boston, where she lives, dances, works, and occasionally sleeps.


Dan DJ.jpg

Dan Legenthal

Dan Legenthal lives in Boston, MA.  He teaches, dances, and competes all over the world at events like BluesSHOUT!, eSpanish Blues Festival, and Korea Blues Camp.  In between gigs he collects vintage and contemporary blues, jazz, and swing music. Dan still occasionally finds those rare gems, tracks by talented artists that haven’t been rediscovered en masse, and loves to share them with dancers and music lovers.



Mike Legenthal

Mike Legenthal stumbled into DJing in 2008, and has since followed that rabbit hole of jazz and blues music with no-holds-barred enthusiasm, sharing her love of music at events like Berlin Blues Explosion, Blues Muse, and BluesShout. She studies rhythm and dynamics by listening to the masters, and applies her dance knowledge to choose music which will push people to dance in ways both new and inspired.  Her tunes hail from a variety of eras and sounds, but always with their roots clearly in the past, and an energy that transcends time.