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Meet the team

There is a very hard working, dedicated, and loyal team that work tirelessly to make BBB happen.  If you see these kids around over the weekend make sure you give them a big hug – there is a good chance they’ll need it.

Pippa 1614218_10151789869900736_125261088_o

Meet the Event Manager. This is the 7th and last year Pippa will organise BBB and she is really excited about this year’s festival. She has worked hard with the help of the BBB team to bring you what she hopes will be another amazing year. Pippa is particularly passionate about Blues and gets so much satisfaction our of running this event year after year. She is looking forward to passing the event over to some new folk to take the festival forward into the future.


Meet the future BBB Event Manager. Michaela has worked behind the scenes in previous years helping Pippa out with whatever was on hand and just being generally AWESOME. Michaela is the new London Swing Festival Manager and will also now take on BBB. This year she will work side by side with Pippa to learn the ropes.


Meet our Workshop Manager & Volunteer Coordinator. This will be the fifth year working for BBB and in that time she has taken on my different roles within the BBB team. This year she will be working behind the scenes to make sure we have all the volunteers we need and she will make sure that everything is running ok during the day. She is funny, friendly and loads of fun to have on the team. She’s AMAZING!


Meet our Sound Engineer. Cam will make sure that the sound quality for all the music you hear all weekend will be amazing. Cam works on loads of productions around London including events like Secret Cinema so we are lucky to have him. He is a super duper guy who makes our life easy.

Tobias & Alexis11222999_941509402583358_3126134518256770117_o

Meet our Housing Coordinators. This dynamic duo work really hard to get as many people as possible hosted with fellow dancers. These guys are lovely and we couldn’t do without them, all in all they are extremely kind and helpful so make sure you give them a big hug when you see them over the weekend.


Holly is our Social Media Guru and Competition Administrator. Holly will try and make sense out of all the excited messages the rest of the team post. She will also take care of all the behind the scenes work for the competitions. Don’t be fooled by her quiet disposition, she is amazing and a lot of fun.


Jane joins the team for the very first year in one of the hardest roles we have. Jane has bravely taken on the role of Front Desk Coordinator. You will see her at the front desk making sure all your questions are answered and everyone’s registration pack is ready!


Sarah Spoonsarah

Night Manager extraordinaire will take care of our evening parties making sure you all have a wonderful (and safe) time. Sarah works hard all weekend, she is the first to arrive at the parties and the last to leave. (Oh wait, she’d do that anyway!) Hug her when you see her!



This is Anna’s first year working on the BBB team. Anna will take on the role of DJ coordinator and live music adviser. Anna will make sure that all the music you hear all weekend is of the very best quality.