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Taster Teachers

10860846_931079910292974_3394672210212218967_oPippa & Tobias

The Gravity Grapevine

This is a fun and tricky little move in which you will play with fast moving circular movements using the centrifugal force to create some fun and interesting variations. This class will also look at fun ways to play with momentum.

Lisa Josefssonlisa

African Roots in Blues

It is not possible to really know what Blues is about without understanding its history. When the Africans were taken to the United States as slaves they brought with them their rhythmical, spiritual and vocal traditions. Let us take a journey back to these roots and play with how it relates to how we know Blues music and dancing today.

Noemí Blue10710448_807754079273042_5854164169298911730_o

Shake Your Money Maker!

Get more bang for your buck out of your shoulders and hips and set fire to the dance floor with your shimmy. Shake out your shyness and feel the good vibrations all over your body!


Nick & Ilaria1208_10208470403907768_7103794932563689379_n

Synergy and Spotlighting!

It’s all about that balance between synergy vs spotlighting! In this class, Nick and Ilaria explain their own approach to partner dancing and improvisation. They give you tips and tools to facilitate the conversation with your partner, to create clear occasions of spotlighting and how to turn the spotlight down to have a relaxed and synergistic dance.
This approach will guide and encourage your creativity and partner collaboration.